Our Team

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Founder & CEO                        

Retired Navy SEAL (20 years), Damian has spearheaded advanced technology for mission planning, coordination and navigation in Special Warfare Operations since 1996.

Spending the past 10 years (until retiring in 2016) at Naval Special Warfare Development Group as an Assaulter, Breacher, Pointman and Sniper Team Leader on countless real world combat operations spanning over 11 deployments. While there launching the first dirt bike and UTV strike operations utilizing cutting edge terrain and imagery analysis during very rapid planning phases.

Before that time Damian served as a Breacher/Explosives Instructor (4 years) after kicking off his career as a Recon Sniper and Combat Swimmer at SDVT-2 (2 deployments, 6 years).

Founding LEADNAV in 2014, his focus was and still is to bridge the gap between todays ever growing technology and those who work and play "Off the Grid". 

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Joe Clark

Co Owner, Investor & Mentor

Guiding a number of our retired Special Warfare Operators from combat to business...

Mr. Joe Clark is Founder and serves as Chairman of Aviation Partners Boeing, Inc. Mr. Clark serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aviation Partners, Inc. Joe has been active in aviation from the moment he left the University of Washington. In 1966 he founded Jet Air, the first Learjet dealership in the Northwest. His career in aviation grew quickly with marketing and sales assignments for Gates Learjet and The Raisbeck Group. In 1981 Clark teamed up with Milt Kuolt to form Horizon Air, a highly successful regional carrier that was later sold to Alaska Airlines. In 1986 he founded Avstar, Inc. and established a worldwide sales system to market ex-military jet training aircraft to American companies and private individuals.


Jason Cooper

CTO & Head Software engineer

Highly experienced embedded systems architect with an extensive background in secure engineering for off the grid operations.                      

Field Representatives

Former MILITARY, LEO and OUTDOOR professionals

Instructors and advisors for off the grid operations