Our Team

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Founder & CEO                        

Retired Navy SEAL (20 years), Damian has spearheaded advanced technology for mission planning, coordination and navigation in Special Warfare Operations since 1996.

Spending the past 10 years (until retiring in 2016) at Naval Special Warfare Development Group as an Assaulter, Breacher, Pointman and Sniper Team Leader on countless real world combat operations spanning over 11 deployments. While there launching the first dirt bike and UTV strike operations utilizing cutting edge terrain and imagery analysis during very rapid planning phases.

Before that time Damian served as a Breacher/Explosives Instructor (4 years) after kicking off his career as a Recon Sniper and Combat Swimmer at SDVT-2 (2 deployments, 6 years).

Founding LEADNAV in 2014, his focus was and still is to bridge the gap between todays ever growing technology and those who work and play "Off the Grid". 



Head of software engineering

Ben's been building apps since the day the App Store launched. 

Prior to joining LeadNav in mid-2016, Ben lived in San Francisco where he built and maintained high-volume data analytics applications as a contractor for Facebook.

He majored in aerospace engineering at Georgia Tech, but started writing code as an undergrad and never looked back. He moved back to his hometown of Austin, Texas and co-founded one of the first app development shops within weeks of Apple kicking off the App Store. As that company grew Ben built apps for AT&T, ESPN, and KitchenAid among dozens of other enterprise clients.

After a brief stint as a product manager for a startup in Austin, Ben started another software development company in Austin which he helmed until they landed the Facebook deal that took him out to San Francisco.



sponsorship coordinator and PR Representative

In charge of taking care of at least a dozen sponsorship inquiries a week as well as the very few complaints we receive...Fred is a man of many talents...the company clown...he also makes us smile.