does the app work worldwide?

Yes. It's designed and built from the ground up to operate off-the-grid anywhere in the world.

All iPhones and cellular-capable iPads have an internal GPS receiver that allows them to determine your current location worldwide, regardless of cellular reception. You DO NOT need a cellular plan for the GPS receiver to function. WiFi-only iPads require an external GPS receiver. (More on this below.)

To view background imagery while off-the-grid, you need to download it before you leave WiFi or cellular range.


which ipad should i get?

The short answer: get the current iPad sold by Apple and visit our Online Store to see the latest packages we recommend.

iPads like computers phase out after a few years and will fall behind in supporting the latest capabilities.

The long answer: it depends on how you intend to use the app. With basic usage LeadNav will run on virtually any iOS device. Yes, you will notice some lag or choppiness on older devices. If you're racing or building large routes don't waste your time with anything older than 4 years

With regard to storage capacity, it comes down to how much background satellite imagery you want to store for offline usage at one time. Imagery for the 2016 Baja 1000 race course came in at about 4GB. We've seen imagery for other events be upwards of 30GB.

The next thing to consider is how you will be using the device.

For heavy planning we prefer to sit at home on a computer paired with LEADNAV on an iPad Pro with its keyboard.

From there we share our work out to the latest iPhone or iPad with the mounting hardware currently available for what we want to do.

To decide this you can visit our Online Store to see our current packages for the devices we recommend or you can search online for other options to help you decide on what cases and mounting are available per model.

As new iPads and iPhones come out with new body styles, it takes some time for us and other manufacturers to build up the cases and additional hardware.

So again, visit our Online Store to see which packages we stock and recommend!


Why should i get the cellular model ipad?

Because a cellular model iPad can determine your current position.

Here's a more detailed explanation:

  • iPads come in two flavors: WiFi-only or WiFi+cellular

  • WiFi-only models DO NOT HAVE AN INTERNAL GPS CHIP. In order to use a WiFi-only iPad off-the-grid you must run a Dual XGPS160 receiver (for sale in our online store, see Buy Now button below).

  • WiFi+cellular models have an internal GPS chip. That GPS chip will work worldwide. You DO NOT need to be in cellular reception for it to work. You don't even need a cellular plan.



is the xgps160 better than the ipad's internal gps chip?

Yes. The XGPS160 refreshes ten times per second. The internal chip refreshes once per second. The XGPS160 is a much stronger antenna, so when you're down in canyons or around tall buildings it will continue to have a solid lock on your position.

If you are using LeadNav in a race car you should run an XGPS160, regardless of whether your iPad is a cellular model.


This is the biggest problem we see when troubleshooting. The XGPS160 is an electronic bluetooth device that requires firmware updates using their free Dual SkyPro Status Tool app.



Do i need cellular data coverage to use leadnav?

No. You do not need cellular data or even a cellular plan. All iPhones and cellular-capable iPads have an internal GPS chip which is all the app needs to function.

WiFi-only iPads do not have an internal GPS chip and will need an external GPS receiver in order to know your position. We recommend the Dual XGPS160 and it's for sale on our hardware store.

Background satellite imagery must to be saved prior to heading into areas without cellular coverage. 


Can i import “maps” or other routes into leadnav?

Yes. Just as you can with any traditional GPS unit, you can share or import any “GPX” files through email, text message, Airdrop, a website, or manually using iTunes on a computer.

If there is another GPS file type like .kmz/.kml or .usr, these can be easily converted to .gpx (See lesson on Community Forum).

However, do not confuse these with background “map” layers. We are talking about Tracks and Markers that other folks have built. You can build your own Routes from these in LEADNAV.


Does LEADNAV offer sponsorships or discounts?

For the first time since 2014, YES….sorta.

We are developing a Tier Operator Program where we will select individuals to represent LEADNAV and work their way up in levels.

We are pushing for elite operators in different fields with a goal of gaining larger contracts in different industries to better support these operators with enterprise solutions.

We are not a 100 to 1000 employee company cranking out tires, shocks and/or light bars by the tens of thousands.

We are a handful of people with decades of operational experience selling true capability and knowledge which is generally hard to mass produce. We are building top quality products as we foremost care about the operators in the field…FIRST.

if you are someone who truly believes, that they can grasp the highest levels of capability that we are pushing out and help pass that onto the actual operators in your field…then maybe you can be a Tier Operator for LEADNAV…


do any offroad racing teams use leadnav?


However, we have only seen a select few since we started in 2014, that are willing to put in the maximum effort that it takes to repeatedly win races.

These professionals are the same folks that just happen to get the most benefit out of our capabilities…


can we stop in or call “quick" to learn how to use leadnav?

No… However, you are off on the right step by making it to our FAQ page!!!

Our schedule is extremely busy as training and consulting is a big part of our business.

However, with us only being a 2-3 instructor staffed company and knowing we can’t service the world, we are making moves towards better supplying you with this knowledge.

We are currently working on our online courses and the LEADNAV Lvl 1 course is now up for everyone here on our training page.

More mission specific and advanced courses are on their way!

Also you can visit our forum where we prefer you to ask any technical questions there. Our support team will be glad to help steer you along.

Next, schedule a class for your group. LeadNav has many levels of capability. Book us now!


How long will it take for my hardware order to get to me?

Most of our hardware is custom manufactured for the group. See our online store or get a quote for lead times on individual orders or full mission packages.

We ship out of Chesapeake VA.

We usually ship standard orders out the following business day (exceptions: orders that include iPads, Iridium hardware or LN-EXO cases and complete packages that we custom build). This is the UPS Ground map from our location:

International orders are done under quote with lead times depending on location.



Will you be at the next event?

We personally attend events only when asked to directly support the event or a team during that event. Contact us for information and booking.

However, with our Tier Operator program coming online and growing you may start to see representation by these individuals at your event.


does leadnav work on android?

No. We invested a significant amount of time and money into the development of an Android app in 2016. During our testing and QA process we found that Android wasn't able to maintain a high enough level of performance for us to be satisfied with a public release. We will continue to monitor the Android platform and re-engage when it meets our standards but right now we currently innovate and build upon the only platform that can hang with our level of capabilities.


does leadnav have maps for my area?

There's an important distinction to make here. To some people, "maps" means tracks or routes for them to follow. Other people say "maps" and they mean the background satellite imagery.

LeadNav DOES NOT maintain a library of trails.

LeadNav DOES have background imagery for the entire world.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: LeadNav can import and use any GPX file that you find online.

If you want trails for a specific area, simply Google "________ GPX files" (e.g. "Moab GPX files", "Baja GPX files", Big Bend National Park GPX files", etc.). There are thousands of websites that host GPX files for areas around the world. It would be impossible for LeadNav to maintain and verify a library of worldwide trails. That's why we make it extremely simple to import and use any GPX file you can find.


if i buy leadnav on my phone can i get it on my ipad?

Yes. Once you purchase LeadNav out of the App Store you can freely download it to any other device that's signed into the same Apple ID. The same also goes for any in-app purchases.


I bought an in app purchase on one Device but the purchase is not showing up on my other devices?

All purchases and subscriptions reflect between devices sharing the same iTunes account. If something did not transfer then follow these steps.

1) With both devices on good wifi or cell data use the "Restore" button on both a few times in the In App Subscription page under settings in LeadNav

2) If that does not work then reboot both LeadNav apps

3) If still no luck then backup any work on the device not reflecting the purchase, delete the LeadNav app and Reinstall.


I AM unable to purchase the Pro pack or other in-app subscriptions. What SHOULD i do?

First, log out of the App Store on your device and log back in. Then try purchasing again.

If that does not work then this is an issue between you, your account, and some problem within Apple and iTunes. Contact Apple through the App Store support link. They will most likely act surprised and deny any fault, but keep on them and somehow it will magically be fixed within 24 hours.

We are currently working on smoothing out this process for the folks that have experienced this issue during the Apple purchasing.


LEADNAV Doesn't work! What the hell??

With tens of thousands of professional users we have heard it all. 95% of all "bugs" or problems reported with LeadNav turn out to be user error or stem from a lack of knowledge of the system. 

But first, perform a hard reboot of your device and make sure everything is up to date.

Visit our community forum, ask questions there, watch our LEADNAV Lvl 1 online course and other videos, and schedule a class in our Chesapeake Virginia schoolhouse or book us locally for your group..

4.9% of reported issues are with people trying to run LeadNav on an older iPad or iPhone. We push the limits on the latest devices. Look above to find the recommended current list.

Yes, 0.1% of bug reports are legit. We sometimes make mistakes (rarely!). If you've tried everything else, hit us up at and we'll get you squared away.


I want a refund!

We're sorry to hear that. Also, that wasn't a question (this is the Frequently Asked QUESTIONS page).

We don't control the actual sale of the LeadNav app, so you will need to contact Apple through the App Store and they will issue you a refund. But before you do that, consider getting in touch with us through the community forum or contact page.



That's great! Spread the word and give us an App Store Review every time a new update gets released that you like!