Advanced technology for those who work and play "off the grid"


Search-and-rescue teams

Use background satellite imagery to study terrain and make informed decisions. Our new location tracking feature ensures that you'll always know the current position of the rest of your team members.

Military & Law enforcement

Our system was built from a deep understanding of military and law enforcement operations. The operator is provided with enhanced planning, coordination, and situational awareness in the field.

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Off-road race teams

Easily add audio waypoints to the route you receive from the race organization. Connect your iPad to your intercom and listen to LeadNav guide you the entire race.

Hikers, bikers, & off-roaders

Import routes or build them yourself in the app. Share them with your friends. Spend more time enjoying the outdoors instead of troubleshooting your old GPS system!



The LeadNav Advantage

Our feature set is industry-leading and has proven a massive benefit to any team or individual who adopts the app.



Route builder

  • Quickly construct routes with the tap of a few buttons
  • Import existing tracks or routes and edit them
  • Add audio waypoints, reverse route direction, or cut/splice/merge sections of different routes

Audio waypoints

  • Drop in pre-programmed turns and danger notifications or type your own
  • Receive 15 second-out and 5 second-out voice notifications for each audio waypoint you've added.
  • Routes with audio waypoints can easily be shared to other LeadNav users
  • Great for mountain bikers, dirt bikers, and single-seat racecars

Location tracking

  • Quickly share your contact information to other LeadNav users to view each other's location in real-time.
  • Two modes for location tracking: Standard and Rapid
  • Available over wi-fi and cellular networks without any additional hardware
  • Brand new as of May 2017: LeadNav now offers worldwide "off-the-grid to off-the-grid" location tracking through integration with the Iridium satellite network. Purchase an Iridium GO! and service plan at our hardware store to unlock this incredible capability!

OFFLINE aerial imagery

  • Upgrade to any of LeadNav's in-app purchases and you'll instantly have the ability to download and save street, topographic, or aerial imagery onto your device, so that you can view it when you're offline.

Map Overlays

  • Introduced at the 2017 King of the Hammers, overlays sit on top of satellite imagery.
  • Removes the clutter from your collection file
  • Adds another layer of information to your map view
  • Embed branding and/or sponsorships
  • Perfect for events

Import/export gpx files

  • Import/export via direct download, email, text, Dropbox, or Airdrop device to device
  • Any GPS file format can easily be converted to GPX using free software
  • Provides a professional-grade trip and event planning platform to export/share

Full Mission Hardware Packages

Full Mission Package

LN-EXO Case and Cradle

At the top level, of a full line of hardware, is our very own machined military grade LN-EXO ruggedized case and power cradle. Currently available for custom bulk order this can be build to fit any iPad or iPhone. (check minimum quantities and lead-times) The next model being designed is for the iPad Pro 10.5". Available individually through pre-order when announced in our newsletters. Tested and proven in the brutal King of the Hammers, desert races and military operations. They are simply the best professional grade case/cradle combo on the market.

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Training and Consulting

Professional level courses and consulting to give you a solid understanding of basic to advanced LeadNav capabilities. Choose between our LN-TACTICAL and LN-OFFROAD divisions for details.