Training and consulting

for our military, law enforcement and organizations operating in extremely sensitive and harsh environments...

The LN-TACTICAL division is headed up by CEO/Founder, Damian Click here for BIO and backed by individual experts in their particular fields.

Extremely experienced in high risk mission planning, coordination and navigation...we have the ability to improve your capabilities no matter what level you currently sit.



  • Basic Ground Navigation
  • Mapping and Terrain Analyst 
  • Mission Planning
  • Rugged Terrain Negotiation
  • Pointman
  • Recon Operations


  • Basic Vehicle Navigation
  • Mapping and Route Analyst
  • Mission Planning
  • Rugged Terrain Negotiation
  • Advanced Driving
  • Combat Dirt Bike / UTV Operations


  • Mapping and Terrain Analyst
  • Mission Planning
  • Recon Sniper Lvl 1 
  • Long Range Sniper Lvl 1
  • Advanced Mobility Platforms

Communication and Coordination

  • Cellular/VHF/Satellite Communication
  • Cellular/VHF/Satellite Group Tracking
  • Mission Planning and Coordination