Our next line of hardware

We are currently in the development phase of a few new hardware products to include the LN-EXO Gen 2 case and cradle. This will be a slightly improved model from our already killer Gen 1. We are looking to start production on the EXO Gen 2 for the new iPad Pro 10.5" tablets soon under contract with our teams and organizations. When that happens we will throw out newsletters announcing an opportunity to pre-order for those individuals looking to get their hands on one. The EXO is a professional military grade vehicle option and can be ordered to protect any make or model tablet under large group order. 

Snapseed 2.jpg
Snapseed 3.jpg

With our recently released LN-Iridium satellite real-time group location tracking and communication capabilities really taking off we have also started to redefine our hardware to go along with it. Building lighter weight enclosures for the individuals on the ground (on foot). See the last LN-BLOWOUT post

LN-GO BP Base2.png
LN-GO BP Base.png