LEADNAV GPS lets you study satellite imagery, build a route with audio cues, and then run that route without ever leaving the app. All of the information you need is right at your fingertips. Routes can also be shared to any other LEADNAV user.

Utilized by professionals worldwide, LEADNAV is designed for the end user and operator in the field with direct compatibility to advanced outside planning and coordination tools.

Available for the Apple iPhone and iPad, these platforms provide the stability and power needed to run this level of innovation.



LeadNav organizes your data into "collections." A collection can be for anything, but it's easiest to think of a collection as a specific event (offroad race, music festival) or a place (national park, ranch). Each collection is made up of three things: routes, tracks, and markers.

Breaking down Routes, Tracks and Markers


Routes are the foundational feature of LeadNav. A route is the biggest advantage LeadNav offers over all other GPS systems. Routes contain audio waypoints.


Tracks are breadcrumb-style path recordings that you create as you move through an area. Tracks are intended to be converted into routes.


Markers represent points of interest. They offer no navigational capability, but are great for identifying things like "Front gate" or "Remote Pit A".



LeadNav routes take the concept of a "GPS unit" and transforms your iOS device into a full navigation solution.

The layers

What you visually see in LEADNAV can be broken up into three layers

  • GPS File (GPX) of your individual Collections of Routes, Tracks and Markers on the Top layer.

  • Overlays built by LEADNAV for events or trail systems in the Middle layer.

  • Background Map Imagery coming from the internet that can be saved/cached before your trip that sits on the Bottom Layer.

Background Imagery

LeadNav offers you a wide variety of background imagery options to view behind your routes, tracks, and markers.

Experience some of them with this interactive map:

The three map types (street, terrain, and satellite) shown in the interactive map above are included in our Map, Advanced, or Pro subscriptions and are available for download onto your device before you leave on your trip.

Background map imagery must be saved prior to leaving WiFi/cell coverage. The Map and Advanced in-app purchases allow you to easily save single areas up to 50MB at a low price. The Pro in-app purchase gives you the ability to save single areas up to 1GB.


Bing Satellite

Bing Hybrid

Open Cycle & Open Street Maps

This is just a short overview of the core foundation in which leadnav is built upon. Visit our Community Forum to learn more.