LEADNAV is an advanced GPS system that has been developed through decades of operational experience while working in extremely harsh and hostile environments

 While it will crush any other system out there for basic GPS use...it is intended for professionals who are looking to greatly enhance their capabilities in mission planning, coordination, communication and GPS navigation.

"We didn't get here overnight...while a powerful tool...you are not going to pick this up and become a Master."

Like any professional...this takes training and experience. 


However if you are looking to increase your general capabilities on your own, we do provide multiple ways for you to learn


Start with our basic FAQ page



Get a basic understanding of LEADNAV GPS by looking through our Quick Guide


Race Prep Tutorials

Whether your a professional racer or general off-roader, these three quick videos will provide you with a basic workflow of importing GPS Tracks, turning them into Routes and prepping your background map imagery before going on your trip.


Part 1 - Importing GPX course files directly into LeadNav and converting tracks (breadcrumbs) into an editable and runnable route


Part 2 - Editing the route file with turns and other audible waypoints (living room prerunning) before heading out. 


Part 3 - Utilizing the Map Subscription ($20 a year) to download and borrow background imagery tiles (maps) to your device before heading out into a "dead zone" (no data or cell coverage) Without the Map Subscription and prepping before you go...LeadNav GPS will work fine like a regular GPS unit with either a yellow or gray background. This in-app subscription allows you to save and see background imagery before heading "off the grid"


XGPS160 Bluetooth Antenna

An in depth look at the XGPS160, its setup, maintenance and use

if you have any questions please visit our Community Forum and its Lessons Section. Also feel free to ask questions there